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FloorX2™ MVTShield®

Unlike traditional Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings that are applied on top of concrete, MVTShieldTM is engineered to penetrate and chemically bond itself deep into the concrete creating a high-performance moisture vapour barrier that will not peel. No Matter What. This is our strongest and longest-lasting garage flooring system.

FloorX2 MVTShield® Advantage

Advantages over other Garage Floor Coating Systems

• Permanent Concrete Waterproofing
• 1-2 Day Installation Available
• Stronger Than DIY Epoxy
• More Flexible Than DIY Epoxy
• UV Stable so will not yellow or fade
• Excellent shine and gloss retention
• Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
• Better chemical resistance
• Non-slip surface even when wet
• Environmentally friendly & VOC compliant
• Non-porous Strong and flexible

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In addition to garage floors, we can also install our FloorX2™ MVTShield® concrete coating systems in basements, on outdoor spaces such as patios and walkways and in commercial spaces.

FloorX2™ MVTShield® // Key Benefits


Beauty and durability

An attractive, high-quality floor that complements the design of your property.

Industrial grade materials

We use our very own high performance MVTShield® Polyaspartic moisture mitigator before we install our base coat because nothing penetrates the concrete pores better or creates a stronger bond with the concrete. We control the quality of the product.

Extra strength

We use a full broadcast of vinyl chips for both appearance and added strength.

Express your style

An extensive range of standard and customizable options allow you to select a colour blend based on your personal preferences.

High performance beauty

The finished product has a non-porous finish with no crevices to trap dirt and grime. It is highly stain-resistant, even against high-performance tires.

Keeps looking great for years

Our Polyaspartic system has UV blocker built-in and will not yellow over time.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to keep clean with regular sweeping and an occasional rinse with a hose. When needed, tougher cleaning can be accomplished with our WashX2 Polyaspartic garage floor cleaner.

Extreme Durability

Will not chip, peel or lift, even under hot tires and is rated for commercial use.

Professional grade

We use shot blasters and mechanical grinders with diamond tooling for surface preparation which is the only way to ensure a proper bonding of our system to the concrete.

Tested and proven

We use our very own FX2 Polyaspartic for the topcoat. It has been specifically tested and proven to be effective in both hot and cold climates. The elongation properties give the system it’s flexibility and offers a high resistance to impact, abrasion and hot temperatures.

Minor inconvenience

Our process is completed in as little as 1-2 Days, followed by a 24-hour cure time – getting your garage back in service quickly.

The FIRST 15-Year – All-Inclusive – No-Peel Warranty

Our FloorX2 system comes with the industry’s first 15-Year No Peel Guarantee Including MVT (Moisture Vapour Transmission).