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Canada’s First No-Peel 4-Layer Garage Flooring System.

Unmatched Durability
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Conventional Coatings Only Sits on Top!

FloorX2 Fusion+Nano® fuses deep into the concrete creating a permanent bond that will not peel. We guarantee it.

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FloorX2 vs. Other Coatings

Know the Difference.

In addition to garage floors, we can also install our FloorX2 Fusion+Nano® concrete coating systems in basements, on outdoor spaces such as patios and walkways and in commercial spaces.

Added Feature


For clients interested in a truly seamless look, we offer matching “baseboards” moulding that is custom made in our shop or onsite. Available in any height from 4” to 12”, our baseboard provides the added benefit of creating a water resistant “bowl” around the floor, making it exceptionally easy to clean the entire space with a garden hose with no worries of water damage to exposed drywall or wood moulding.

Garage Floor Coatings with Decorative Flake

Decorative Flake

Appearance — Our decorative flake garage floor coatings create the striking appearance of granite right in your garage.

Selection — We’ve got a huge selection of flake blends to choose from. Take a look at our wide range of flake blends below, and customize your garage just the way you want it.

Download Colour Chart (PDF)