The Toughest Garage Floor System.

Finally, Durable and Affordable as an option. The FloorX2 System by Garage Floors 4 Less Inc. makes your old, worn-out garage floor look new again!

The FLOOR System, is a cost effective, durable answer to expensive concrete coatings. FLOORX2 can be installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces that are worn, spalled and distressed by our harsh Canadian winters. The renewed surface accepts foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and rubber tire traffic within 8 hours. Available in an assortment of colours & finishes.

Features & Benefits

Durability • Affordability • Eco-friendly

  • Compatible with in-floor radiant heating systems
  • Ultimate Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Best protection for common Canadian weather Concrete Problems due to salt and chemical - Scaling, Spalling, Cracking, etc.
  • FloorX2 system allows for the reuse of existing materials. Not having to tear out and replace an existing concrete slab saves on raw materials and energy…not to mention a large cost savings.
  • FloorX2 system contributes to saving energy and resources by reducing the need for manufactured floor coverings, adhesives, etc. In addition, concrete floors as a wear surface have many other environmental benefits including:

Energy efficiency • Allergen & dust minimization • Recycled materials • Low maintenance

FloorX2 system is also ideal for use with radiant flooring systems to provide more comfort at lower temperatures reducing energy usage, as well as the amount of forced air particles and allergens in the air.