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FloorX2 plus BondGuard

BONDGUARD® with InnerCrete® Membrane Technology chemically modifies the concrete to create a permanent, integral and consistent waterproofing membrane below the surface. BONDGUARD® improves the durability by strengthening the concrete resulting in optimal coating adhesion.

bondGuard with InnerCrete
FloorX2 plus BondGuard® Advantage

Advantages over other Garage Floor Coating Systems

• Permanent Concrete Waterproofing
• 1-2 Day Installation Available
• Stronger Than DIY Epoxy
• More Flexible Than DIY Epoxy
• UV Stable so will not yellow or fade
• Excellent shine and gloss retention
• Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
• Better chemical resistance
• Non-slip surface even when wet
• Environmentally friendly & VOC compliant
• Non-porous Strong and flexible

In addition to garage floors, we can also install our FloorX2 plus BONDGUARD® concrete coating systems in basements, on outdoor spaces such as patios and walkway and in commercial spaces.

multi-layer flake flooring system

FloorX2 plus BONDGUARD® Key Benefits


Beauty and durability

An attractive, high-quality floor that complements the design of your property.

Express your style

An extensive range of standard and customizable options allow you to select a colour blend based on your personal preferences.

High performance beauty

The finished product has a non-porous finish with no crevices to trap dirt and grime. It is highly stain-resistant, even against high-performance tires.

Keeps looking great for years

The system is UV resistant and will not yellow over time.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to keep clean with regular sweeping and an occasional rinse with a hose. When needed, tougher cleaning can be accomplished with ammonia and water or Simple Green.

Super tough

Will not chip, peel or lift, even under hot tires and is rated for commercial use.

Professional grade

We use mechanical grinders with diamond tooling for surface preparation which is the only way to ensure a proper bonding of our system to the concrete.

Industrial grade materials

We use only 100% Solid Epoxy or Polyurea base coat for our “foundational layer” because nothing penetrates the pores better or creates a stronger bond with the concrete. This ensures the floor will not blister or peel – even under the tires.

Extra strength

We use a full broadcast of vinyl chips for both appearance and added strength.

Tested and proven

We use a Polyaspartic topcoat that has been specifically tested and proven to be effective in both hot and cold climates. The elongation properties give the system it’s flexibility and offer a high resistance to impact, abrasion and hot temperatures.

Minor inconvenience

Our process is completed in as little as 1-2 Days, followed by a 24-hour cure time – getting your garage back in service quickly.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

You receive a limited lifetime warranty – against lifting, chipping, or peeling for as long as you own your property.
Added Feature


For clients interested in a truly seamless look, we offer matching “baseboards” moulding that is custom made in our shop or onsite. Available in any height from 4” to 12”, our baseboard provides the added benefit of creating a water resistant “bowl” around the floor, making it exceptionally easy to clean the entire space with a garden hose with no worries of water damage to exposed drywall or wood moulding.

Garage Floor Coatings with Decorative Flake

Decorative Flake

Appearance — Our decorative flake garage floor coatings create the striking appearance of granite right in your garage.

Selection — We’ve got a huge selection of flake blends to choose from. Take a look at our wide range of flake blends below, and customize your garage just the way you want it.

Download Colour Chart (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring chemicals do you use?

We use a 90%-solids industrial polyurea for the base coat. It is a technology proven over many years; nothing bonds better to your concrete to form a foundation for flake flooring. It is tested to delivery 2X the adhesion strength than traditional epoxy.  Our polyurea is rated at over 7500 PSI, more than twice the strength of most concrete, so it actually strengths the surface.  For the topcoat, we use a Polyaspartic coating that is 98% more flexible than traditional epoxy so remains flexible even when cured to resist lifting, chipping and peeling. The specific product we use is optimized to resist staining, even from the plasticizers in high performance tires.

I have some cracks and pitting. Can you repair this condition?

Generally, yes. We utilize a fast-curing polyurea patching system that works extremely well and is compatible with our other chemicals. This approach is used on all pitting, divots and cracks, with several layers being applied if the crack is particularly wide or deep. If you have areas where the concrete has shifted up or down, more extensive repairs may be necessary.

What is the warranty on your flooring system?

Your residential garage floor coating is warrantied against lifting, chipping or peeling for as long as you own the property. Importantly, the guarantee from Garage Floors 4 Less covers pretty much everything – we are not simply passing along a technical guarantee from our chemical manufacturers. Specific exceptions include high moisture vapour transmission, surface damage from acid spills (e.g. battery acid from a golf cart) and cuts/abrasions caused by power tools, forklifts, etc., as well as any failure of the underlying concrete structure.

How do you prepare the floor before coating it?

New or old we always prepare the concrete through a mechanical abrasion procedure using high-powered diamond grinders. Depending on existing coatings and the condition of the concrete, we may take two or three passes to properly grind the floor. This removes some of the top surface and “opens the pores” of the concrete allowing our base coat to penetrate deeply for excellent adhesion. This process is typically considered to be an industry wide best practice for obtaining a consistent surface profile and is superior to the acid method used by others in the industry.

How long does the entire process take?

We offer a revolutionary 1-day floor system so; most floors can be finished in a single day. Our system utilizes a superior polyurea material with properties designed to cause curing based less on temperature and more on a specific chemical reaction. This provide faster cure times along with better bonding strength than traditional epoxy systems. It should be noted that at times there are factors that can sometimes extend an installation into a second day. Once completed you can walk on the floor 24 hours after completion and return your car to your garage within 48 hours.

How do I clean my new garage floor?

Keeping loose dirt off the floor with a broom or blower is always a good idea. For a more thorough cleaning we recommend occasionally washing the floor with a solution of five parts water to one-part ammonia and a deck brush. Rinse off with a garden hose and use a foam squeegee to remove the excess water. To remove more stubborn dirt, we suggest using Simple Green as many traditional soaps and detergents can leave a buildup.

Is the floor slippery especially when it gets wet?

All garage floors can be slippery, especially when wet. Our standard decorative flake floor does result in an “orange peel” texture but is technically not to be considered “anti-slip”.  Therefore, we always broadcast a slip resistant “grip additive” into our top coat that mitigates the floor becoming too slippery. However, even with “grip additive”, the floor can still remain slippery when wet in some spots, so caution on wet floors is advised. For those interested in the best traction, clients can consider our quartz aggregate flooring system which is designed to meet anti-slip requirements even in commercial applications.

What do we do with our garage “stuff” during the process?

Garage Floors 4 Less has an arrangement with mobile storage company PackRat.  For a small fee we can have an independent bin company drop off a 8ft x 10ft x 8ft storage trailer for your “stuff”.  So, you have plenty of time to move everything, we will have it dropped it off up to one-week before your project begins and have it removed up to one-week after we are finished. If you prefer, for a nominal fee our crew will load and unload the trailer for you. Our crew can also help you move larger items such as refrigerators and store them under a tarp in the driveway or in a side yard or patio.

Do the chemicals smell during installation?

Both the Polyurea base coat and Polyaspartic topcoat are both quality materials of a high solids content which means they are considered low odour.  However, low odour does not mean no odour so most installations will have some odour as it cures but is not toxic. It will typically dissipate in a day or two.


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